The Time Keeper’s Assistant – Books of Significance.

Sharing ideas, starting conversations and keeping history alive. We publish lost classics, challenging thinkers, eye witness accounts from remarkable moments in history and the best books ever written.


Our Process

Every book we publish is assessed on its value to all. All our books are subjected to the TKA eight point significance criteria and is assessed by the Assistants’ Curation Board. This means we believe every book we publish to be of significance and adding value to the world. It also means we may not agree with all the ideas and sentiments in every book but we do think them important.

The Criteria

1. Historic –
Is it of historical value? Was the author at an important place or moment in time? Did they witness something of historical importance? Is their book of historical importance?

2. Aesthetic –
Is it beautiful? Is it a piece of great literature? Is it of artistic value?

3. Community –
Is it a book that is important or representative of a certain community or culture?

4. Academic –
Is it of value for research or academic discourse? Is it something that will be of value to educate?

5. Rarity –
Is it something that you cannot get any more? Is it a book that has fallen out of print and not widely available?

6. Representative –
Is it a good example of a genre or a type?

7. Useful –
Is it of instructional or practical use? Does it give instruction on something that is not widely available? Does it approach a problem from a different view point?

8. Idea Generation –
Will it start discussions? Did it cause discussions on release? Can it add to the current discourse?

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